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Unit Excellent Business Center

Office Space Mannheim

Fully equipped & ready to start.

Arrange a 20-minute orientation call now! 100% free of charge & without obligation!

Unit Excellent Business Center

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Have you ever rented so easily?

Come in, sit down, start working

Would you rent a hotel room for 30 days if you only stay for 3 days? Probably not. So why should it be any different for your office? Whether it’s a private office, executive office, or team office, we offer exclusive office spaces for excellent companies that want the luxury of adjusting the size and level of service of our services on a monthly basis.
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Productivity is not a matter of effort, but of environment.

No more boring offices in an inefficient environment. We offer more than just a workspace – we offer a place where passion and productivity go hand in hand. That’s why you’re not just renting space from us, but success – for you, your team, and your clients. We place great emphasis on undisturbed work in a first-class environment. This begins with the ideal networking environment, flexible room options, and our service that has got your back. So you can focus on what matters: your business!

Renting your new office is as easy as booking a hotel reservation!


Service staff who've got your back, and you only pay for what you use.


First-class interior available without waiting or expensive investments.


The alternative to traditional rent: save at least 28.23% per month.

Optimal for 1-2 people.

Private office for undisturbed work

Get out of the home office and into your dream office!

Do you long to work with focus and without distractions to drive your projects forward efficiently? Our private offices offer the perfect atmosphere for freelancers, founders, and sole proprietors who want to grow their businesses rapidly. Our charming four walls create an optimal work atmosphere to unleash ideas. Our motto is: no distractions – only success. Ideal for business people who love focused work, and networking is free.

Our offer:

Optimal for 1 person

Executive office for real decision-makers

Make a statement.

Your office is the business card of your success. Our luxurious executive offices are the perfect environment for respected entrepreneurs, tax advisors, or lawyers who know what they want. With us, you get pure exclusivity without waiting or expensive investments in office equipment. Impress visitors and business partners on-site or in video conferences with an ambiance that reflects your class. Meanwhile, our service staff will support you so that you can concentrate on your daily tasks, and nothing stands in the way of your entrepreneurial growth.

Executive office:

Optimal for teams of up to 10 employees

Team office for successful teamwork

Only the best for the best!

Organized teams have an organized office. But successful teams have a first-class office. If your team is on a path to success, why settle for less? Forget about boring, cramped offices. Our team offices create ideal conditions for productive collaboration, where information is exchanged quickly, and there is still peace unlike in open-plan offices. Don’t compromise – here, only the best is good enough!

Team office:

Feeling unsure?

Stuck in a decision-making dead end? Get out of there! Nina Kuntz, owner of the Unit Excellent Business Center, offers you a 20-minute orientation talk – completely free of charge. Because your business individuality deserves no mass solution, but tailored spaces that will take you further. For success and growth, we offer the optimal space.

Arrange a 20-minute orientation call now! 100% free of charge & without obligation!


What our costumers say

Unbeatable, versatile, and adaptable.

Some call it unique selling proposition.

We call it service.

Highspeed Internet

Maximum bandwidth, minimal delay: Never wait again.

Reliable delivery

Secure postal service at record speed, even if you are abroad.

Always reachable

We manage your telephone system and ensure sales, even during peak times.

Maximum flexibility

You are just one call and 24 hours away from your new four office walls.

Personal and approachable

Nina Kuntz and her team are always available and happy to help immediately.

Customizable contracts

Rental agreements that adapt to your company, not the other way around.

Incredible value for money

Billing down to the minute, so you only pay for what you use.

Absolute cost transparency

No nasty surprises due to hidden costs or unnecessary commissions.


Your benefits

Our offices, conference rooms, and services are designed for tranquility, productivity, and your well-being. This allows you to completely immerse yourself and achieve peak performance alone or with your team. With our innovative space concepts, we offer shielded areas for optimal deep work experience. Our service staff also relieves you so effectively that your own office staff becomes unnecessary, while you only pay for the minutes used. That means no sickness benefit payments, but flexibility.

We have solutions for every situation: Whether it's an executive office with exclusive amenities, a single office for maximum productivity, a team office that offers tranquility, a conference room that leaves a lasting impression, or a business address that preserves your privacy... we have the possibilities. You have the choice. And in addition, you can easily upgrade or downgrade all options with just one call.

We offer you flexible contract terms: hourly, daily, monthly, or longer. All ancillary costs are included, and transaction costs are waived. Compared to conventional rental, your expenses are therefore significantly lower. You start immediately - without investments. This gives you flexibility.

Compared to conventional rent, you save an average of around 28.23% per month, and that with full flexibility, no commitments.

While you pay about €1,240 per month for a single office in Mannheim with conventional rent, the same size, with full equipment, is only €890.

We take your privacy seriously. You can easily outsource your business address so that no more business letters reach you at home. Additionally, we receive your business partners on an equal footing - discreetly, tactfully, and respectfully. Our trained team acts in your interest: Do you need coffee for your appointment or do you want all incoming customer calls to be forwarded to you by note while you decide on appointments? No problem. We are here for you.

As they say, success has many fathers. In Mannheim's best location, you network with just these: Entrepreneurs like you, with high standards and an entrepreneurial spirit. This allows you to benefit from networking opportunities that help your business grow and an environment where you benefit from people with a similar passion. And the Eastsite Mannheim is ideal for this: Here you will find renowned law offices, tax consultants, law firms, small to large companies with offices in the neighborhood.

Fully equipped and ready to go. From furnishings, secretarial service under your company name, IT structure, to cleaning - we stand by your side to ensure efficient workflow. Within 24 hours, you will receive a fully furnished workspace. Impress outsiders with high-quality furniture, state-of-the-art office technology, and friendly staff in your new 4 office walls.

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Companies have rented our offices

The workplace is like a good wine – quality pays off.

Mannheim Eastsite - the place to be

Our top location in the Eastsite of Mannheim speaks for itself – numerous articles and reports confirm this. Our business address is only 5 minutes away from the picturesque Luisenpark. In the immediate vicinity, you will find the home of many renowned tax and law firms, real estate companies, and upstream companies. The area is home to a variety of prestigious companies that underline the attractiveness of this location.

Our business center in Mannheim is a 2-minute walk from public transportation and can be reached via its own freeway exit directly in front of the Mannheimer Tor. This avoids city traffic. In the surrounding area, there are not only a pharmacy, kiosk, and post office but also some gastronomic offers, from small cafes to upscale restaurants – there is something for every taste.

Just two minutes away is the City Airport Mannheim, as well as the well-known premium fitness & wellness center Pfitzenmeier. This means that our business address in the Eastsite Mannheim is not only attractive but also easily accessible and surrounded by first-class amenities.